Some Lafayette residents were not too happy when they saw a flag that symbolizes "Gay Pride" being flown in Girard Park on Government property.

The flag, which symbolizes progress for some in Acadiana, was flown in Girard Park, near UL-Lafayette, last month via a flag pole that belongs to the Lafayette Consolidated Government. When some Lafayette residents saw this, they questioned why such a flag would be hoisted up on Government owned property. One U.S. Veteran recently voiced his concerns on a KATC-TV 3 broadcast. He said that he doesn't have a problem with the flag itself, but does have a problem with the flag being flown via a Government owned flagpole.

Now, Councilman Andy Naquin has asked for a legal opinion from the city attorney. The councilman is considering an ordinance barring from city-parish-owned flagpoles all flags except the U.S Flag, the official State Flag, the LCG Flag and possibly the noted Mardi Gras Flag.

Councilman Naquin recently spoke to our sister station, 96.5 KPEL, on this issue and you could hear what he had to say on this issue by clicking HERE