George Zimmerman, who was infamously acquitted over the summer of murdering Trayvon Martin, has been arrested in Florida and charged with aggravated assault after deputies responded to a "disturbance" call. According to ABC News, Zimmerman was arrested by the Seminole County Sheriff's Office around 1 p.m. today (11/18).

Police were called to a home that Zimmerman shares with his girlfriend Samantha Scheibe after she told a 911 dispatcher that Zimmerman broke a table and pointed a long-barrel shotgun at her during an argument.

He's in my house, breaking all my s--- because I asked him to leave. He's got a freaking gun breaking all my stuff right now.

Scheibe said after pointing the gun at her, Zimmerman then pushed her out of the house (which is allegedly heard during the 911 call) and locked her out. The two have been living together in the home since Zimmerman split with his estranged wife a few months ago.

Police say upon their arrival, Scheibe gave them keys to the home; but when they attempted to enter, they had to push through obstacles by the door to do so.

Zimmerman's description of the account was a tad bit different. (naturally)

He decided to call 911 himself on a separate call to claim that Scheibe instigated the entire event. He told the dispatcher that his girlfriend went "crazy" on him as police were heard knocking the background of the call.

The police is already there and so why are you calling? What happened?

On the 911 call, Zimmerman can be heard saying that his "pregnant" girlfriend started the whole mess. It was later noted by police that his girlfriend was not pregnant. He also claims he never pulled or displayed a firearm. Zimmerman claims he agreed to leave the house to avoid a tense situation.

When she changed, she just started smashing stuff. Taking stuff that belonged to me. Throwing it outside. Throwing it out of her room. Throwing it all over the house. She broke a glass table,

Police say Zimmerman was unarmed and "rather passive" when they finally got to him and police have since requested a search warrant in an attempt to recover the weapon(s).

This is just the latest in multiple run-ins with the law since Zimmerman was acquitted back in July of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman is currently in a Florida prison cell awaiting his first appearance before a judge on Tuesday (11/19). He is not eligible for bail.

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