Spending the summer on crutches or in a wheelchair is NOT what's up. This girl's attempt at a YOLO-style jump from the roof into the pool is precisely the type of activity that will keep the internet alive forever. Her dude friend was filming the entire shindig, so enjoy the fruits of his labor and her stupidity.

BTW, according to BarstoolSports.com, she ended up with two broken feet as a result of slamming into the concrete, and basically, the entire internet pointing and laughing at her. All joking aside, she really stuck that landing like a boss.

UPDATE: Now her mom wants the INTERNET (yes, us!) to "foot" the bill for her injuries!

We've now learned that the girl who's rooftop pool dive fail has been identified. Her name is Nicole Easton, and she had recently moved into her first "big girl" apartment after graduating from high school. According to Nicole's mom Carrie, her failed attempt at the rooftop dive came after seeing her boyfriend successfully land in the water.

Mom described the incident as her daughter and her friends "being young crazy adults one afternoon."

Just when I thought this fail couldn't get any more epic, it turns out, Nicole's mom was the one who uploaded the video! Even though Carrie Easton wasn't trying to add insult to her daughters injury, I believe she has done just that. She started a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising the $4,200 needed to pay off her daughters medical bills.

Nicole is expected to be disabled for at least 6 months to a year. She's in a wheel chair. Not taking it very well I might add. The issue is that Nicole had just moved into her first house with the best roommates. Nicole not being able to work can't pay her share of the bills. This threatens not only her losing her place to live, but her roommate's as well. Their credit too.

It gets worse (read: funnier). She also wants to raise enough money to pay for Nicole's food and personal items, like toiletries, until she is fully healed. Naturally, the comments on the page are mean (read: funny) and Carrie has even been reported for fraud, with many people telling mom to "go fund herself."

Mom says that she is just trying to help her daughter, and will pray for everyone who leaves a negative comment. Check out the page here.

In case you wanna watch the best part over and over again, here ya go.