If you google the name Angie Varona, you will get more than 600-thousand results from the search engine. Reason being, when she was just fourteen years old, some rather racy photos of Angie leaked out onto the internet and she became an overnight sex symbol. Yes, a fourteen year old girl's life was turned up side down all over images she took for her first boyfriend.

In addition to over 600-thousand results you may find, there are thousand of images of this teen girl on the internet. With the instant fame also came several fake accounts and websites claiming to be the teen. There are also numerous unauthorized Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels, all claiming to be Varona -- one Facebook fan page has more than 41,000 likes.

For years like many, she hoped that this was just a dream and that it would all just go away. But in the day and age we are in now, nothing seems to just go away once it is online. She says, "People wish to exploit me and I guess stalk me in a way...they want every picture that has ever been taken of me,"

When Vaorna was just fourteen years old, she uploaded some rather provocative photos of herself---none nude---to the website called photobucket.com. Her decision to put such racy photos on this website not only brought her overnight fame, it also brought several years of embarrassment and shame to the the teen's life.

Hear what she has to say now as she looks back on her younger teen years, and witness first hand why posting such intimate material on a website is not such a good idea. If anything, we should all look at this story as a lesson learned, and walk away with the understanding that nothing ever "just goes away" once it enters the digital world.

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