A Memphis grandmother, Rosie Pate, is in some legal trouble after she allegedly called 911 to ask if they would assist her in getting a beer. She says her granddaughter refused to get a can of beer, and according to 911 dispatchers that is when she called them for assistance.

Ms. Pate says that she called 911 after she and her granddaughter got into an altercation, and says that she did not call 911 to get her a beer. In the story Ms. Pate says, "I have lived to be 68 years old and I never dialed no police to bring me beer."

Still, Ms. Pate has been charged with domestic assault and making a non-emergency 911 call. Lesson learned, if you really want a beer and nobody is willing to bring one to you, start walking and certainly NEVER call 911 to ask if they can deliver a brewsky.