A teenage boy was turned into authorities by his mom after she found out that he was wanted by police for an attempted robbery. However, the boy's biggest problem may have come when his grandmother approached the police car in which he was detained in.

The Houston teenager was turned into police by his own mother after she learned he was wanted for an attempted robbery. While in the police car, the teen's grandmother went to the squad car in which he was detained in and scolded the young man for his decisions.

Everything she told the boy we agree with 100%!!!! I have a feeling once all of the legal issues are ironed out for this young man his biggest problem may be still be awaiting!!

We should also applaud the teen's mother for doing the right thing and turning in her own son. What she says in the news package is so true---people do work hard for their money and it isn't fair for others to just take what others have worked for. Good parenting!!!