A long distance swimmer was attacked by a 7-foot great white shark while swimming off the coast of L.A. last Saturday morning.

The shark had been hooked by a fisherman on the Manhattan Beach pier, and apparently it attacked because it was scared.  A group of people on the pier filmed the shark attack and they could hear the swimmer screaming after he was bitten. The laughing you hear at the beginning of the video is from those on the pier because they thought the man's screams were out of fear, and not from the attack.

Soon, their mood changes once they realize the swimmer was bit by the shark, and those on the pier start to steer other swimmers towards safety.

Supposedly the fisherman hooked the shark, but was unable to reel it in, thus he cut the line. Once the shark was detached from the line, still with the hook in its mouth, the shark went directly into defense mode and unfortunately attacked what was closet to it, that being the swimmer.

The man was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center and listed in stable condition after the attack. Since 1950, there have been 13 shark-attack fatalities in California.