When I saw this video for the first time, I couldn't believe it. I rewound it, and watched it again.... and again....... and again. Not only did this fully grown adult woman steal the baseball from a little girl. She celebrated it afterwards by high-fiving her friends not to mention she MISSED catching the ball in the first place.

Someone on reddit.com explained the situation first hand:

This happened in Houston vs the DBacks. One of the Dbacks players tossed the balls into the stand and that ***** grabbed it. The play-by-play and color guy saw it, pulled some strings, and delivered the girl an autographed ball. The story had a happy ending, but would have been happier if that ***** caught a fly bat to the face the next inning.

The saddest part of this video for me is when the little girl walked away devastated as this lady continued to celebrate her moment of 'stealing candy from a baby'.... literally. I think we can all relate being that we have always dealt with similar situations during Mardi Gras with the 'good beads' that come flying off of the floats. The unspoken rule in any situation like this clear. Let the kids have it. SMH.