One thing we often preach on HOT 107-9 is that you should NEVER Drink and Drive. We have seen way too many innocent people injured or killed in Acadiana this year due to drinking and driving accidents, and now Guy's Towing wants to ensure that everyone gets home safe for the New Year.

Guy's Towing "Tow For Life" was instituted in 1986 and it continues this year through New Year's Day. Once someone calls, a tow truck will be dispatched to their location in Lafayette, Broussard, or Baton Rouge and they will be given a free ride and a free tow home, no questions asked.

According the press release sent out from Guy's Towing, those seeking a free ride should have a vehicle that is operable, they may not have already detained by the police and they must be going home and not to another party location.

The number to call for a free ride home tonight is:  1-800-237-GUYS.