Could this be the next Sweet Brown or Antoine Dodson? We all remember the famous words "Ain't nobody got time fo' dat" and "Hide your kids, hide your wife." Watch as Michelle Clark describes how a major hail storm hits her apartment in a violent fashion. Will the words "KAPOOYA, KAPOOYA" be the next words we will scream out loud? I think maybe. LOL!! What do you scream out when hail hits your house?This has to be one of the funniest news interview of this year. Even though it was filmed back in 2013. I'm not sure how this didn't come to light till now. Its a viral YouTube video in the making. KAPOOYA KAYPOOYA!!!

In case you want to reminisce, I provided Antoine and Ms Sweet Brown, cuz ain't nobody got time fo dat!!!

Here's a remix, we call it Sweet KAPOOYA!!!