A guy in Oklahoma took decorating for Halloween to the next level when he put two fake bodies in his driveway, both with two fake pools of blood where the heads should be. While he may find it to just be a prank, his neighbors apparently find it to be too realistic because some have been calling police to report the "crime scene."

Johnnie Mullins of Mustang, Oklahoma says that he will not remove the decorations and has actually placed a third "body" in his driveway. Mullins made two stuffed bodies wearing sweatshirts, jeans, and shoes and then put them in the driveway. More so, he made it look like one had been killed by the garage door, and the other by a car tire. You can imagine what someone would say as they cruised by his residence.

Do you think this man went too far with his decorating skills for Halloween, or is just fine? Let us know how you would feel if this were in your neighborhood. Below is audio of the actual 911 call made to police to report what someone thought was a murder scene.