Just a few days ago, we heard from Marc Anthony say in an interview that he will always love Jennifer Lopez. However, with a divorce proceeding looming, it appears that Jennifer Lopez may have already moved on from husband Marc Anthony. J-Lo was recently spotted having a romantic dinner with Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper in New York.The pair were spotted having a romantic dinner at the Big Apple restaurant Per Se on Saturday night. We should report that Copper is no longer with longtime girlfriend Renee Zellweger.

However, a source tells People.com that the meeting was "regarding a project."

Regardless, do you think that this dinner was truly over a "project," or was this a true romantic dinner? If it was a romantic date, I think that this is a bit too soon for Lopez. And the reason I say this is because of the children involved between she and Marc Anthony. I guess it leads me to the question, when is too soon, too soon to move on after a relationship? Weeks, Months, Years?  We'll have to sit back and watch how all of this unfolds, but I predict we see more of Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper together in blogs and entertainment reports.