Driving down Bayou Sale Road is said to give you nightmares.

People that dive down this stretch of LA-57 between Dulac and Cocodrie just south of Houma, have seen many haunting figures.

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Some people have seen a hitchhiking ghost, even a lady reaching out her hand to touch your car as you drive-by. If you pick up the hitchhiker he won't leave until you give him some kind of offering.  Though there has been no proof of this, it's still spooky.

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People that have driven down LA-57 said that it is a very, very dangerous road, and if you plan on driving down it, drive slow. It's full of twists and turns and many people have wrecked or ended up in the swamp because they've driven too fast.

Kate Verdin a resident of HoumaI said,

I've traveled it many times day and night. It's a very sharp curvy road indeed. I particular didn't see anything at night but the heavy presence is there. Your hair on your skin crawls. You feel spirits all around. A lot of accidents happen on that road...a lot! 

Have you ever been on this road? Have you seen anything scary? Comment below.

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