A friend of mine has been receiving numerous phone calls from this telephone number, (202) 400-3496. He has informed me that this is the latest phone scam out there and that they are hoping to bait you in by using your name and informing you of pending allegations. Like most scams, it all starts with a simple phone call and then it turns to you being in trouble with the law. The message attached to this scam reads as follows.





"There is currently court action filed aganist you for check kitting allegations. To avoid all proceedings with your local law enforcement, contact the fraud prevention team at the common wealth at 1-888-267-8555."

After researching the two numbers attached to this message and phone call, it has been determined that this is notthing but a scam. Avoid these numbers and please DO NOT fall for this latest scam!! No, you are not in trouble if you receive a phone call from the number, (202) 400-3496. And please, we remind you to NEVER give out your personal information to someone you don't know on the phone.