I don't know how something can qualify as both an epic fail and an epic win, but there is a first time for everything. Christopher Ferreria was given the word 'heron' to spell during a school spelling bee and somehow managed to stall for what seemed like an eternity.

It almost seems as if Christopher was trolling the spelling bee, but according to a personal explanation via his YouTube channel

The reason why I couldn't hear the word is because the speakers were facing the audience, not toward the spellers as it should be. Because of this I didn't get the word until after I had to find out the meaning. Note that I did ask for definition before the tangent. If I were paying attention to that I wouldn't have done this:P

His video has gotten him almost half a million hits on YouTube and a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. Hairline?

'Heron' The Greatest Spelling Bee Fail/Epic Win of All Time [ORIGINAL]