So the question is, do major companies use hidden messages in their logos? Check out their clever ways they do it.


FedEX is a little tricky to see. Look closely  between the E and the X. You see it? It's an arrow. It symbolizes the company's speed and efficiency. We're just getting started.


Brand new Wendy's logo has the word MOM in her ruffles. Are they trying to say its like mom's cooking...with those home made fries, maybe so.


 Tostito's was pretty clever when they came up with the two T's in the middle. Look closely and you will see two people sharing chips and salsa. Ole'


Everyone knows that Baskin Robbins is known for it 31 flavors, but did you know the B R is also a 31? So cool!


Who doesn't love You can find everything from A to Z, look at the logo. You see it now.



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