Its one of the most inspirational stories I have heard in a long time, a young man in high school loses part of his leg and then returns to the sport he loves most, football. Meet the young man who lost part of his leg due to an infection, which was started by a horrific football accident, as he returned to the sport he loves most.

Coney Dole lost the lower part of his leg after doctors gave him the option of amputating a part of his leg to reduce further infection or risk future complications with his leg while they treat the infection. The young man chose to amputate part of his leg rather than face future complications, yet he made a promise to himself that he would one day return to the football field.

Well, Coney has fulfilled his promise and he has returned to the grid iron. The young man has overcome the impossible and is now leading his high school football team in their young season.

This story is such and inspiration. It reminds that when you think you can't overcome an obstacle in front of you, you can. If this young man can return to such a physical sport after the hurdles he had to cross, there is nothing we can't accomplish if we want it bad enough. What a GREAT story!!