Have you ever been inside the CAJUNDOME and wondered what it would look like if you climbed to the very top? If you're afraid of heights, it may be hard to watch these videos.

The CAJUNDOME recently shared 12 Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About The CAJUNDOME on their official blog. One of the facts stated that the highest point of the CAJUNDOME is 165 ft. and 4 inches from the floor.

What's even crazier sounding than that number, is what it actually looks like.

Thanks to the video above—shot by a crew member of Rhino while rigging for a Keith Urban concert back in 2011—we see just how high (and how scary) it is from the highest point inside of the dome.

Another cool video from the blog post shows what it looks like from an even higher point outside of the dome. No, there isn't really a Chinese restaurant up there, but the view is pretty breathtaking.

If you think that's cool you definitely have to check out the entire list of crazy facts about the CAJUNDOME. It will definitely make you see the dome in an entirely new light.

After seeing these videos, I think I'll stick with my regular seats.