A funny Hitler rant parody pokes fun at the ongoing intrastate rivalry between LSU and UL-Lafayette.

The parody uses the famous scene from 'Downfall' where Hitler absolutely loses his mind. The closed captions used by the video's creator paints a picture of Hitler and his goons as the "LSU Board of Regents," upset that UL-Lafayette is now getting national attention for their athletic programs.

Oh you don't think people get passionate about this "rivalry?" Just take a look at the comments on Facebook when we posted it.

Of course LSU is still the bigger school in the bigger conference—and of course they have more championships under their belts, but there has always been little brother-big brother animosity amongst some fans on each side of this intrastate rivalry.

In the video posted about a year ago by YouTube user Robert Montgomery, one of the internet's most popular memes was used to address some of the biggest LSU/UL arguments. The clip is a very lighthearted jab at the Tigers, and even the most die hard LSU fan/UL-Lafayette hater will get a kick out of it.

My favorite line is the description of Coach Hud by the upset woman in the hallway, so make sure you watch the video at least until they get to that part.

Best of luck to both LSU and UL as the fall semester and the 2014 football season approaches!