YouTube user MagicofRahat is at it again. This time, he is giving a homeless man a new house to live in.

Back in March, MagicofRahat told a homeless man by the name of Eric that he won the Lotto, in the amount of $1,000. The video went viral and MagicofRahat was all over the news.

So many people were touched by the video that they wanted to send money to Eric. So a fund was set up Eric's name, and people started donating like crazy. Within 17 days the fund went up to $44,000 big ones! That is so amazing!


So, how do you keep a homeless man in a house without him losing it? This is how they will break down the money.


Eric has found a job! We hope he will happily ever after! This just shows that there good people in the world! Love stories like this!