Well if 'Black Friday' is for grabbing all the goods off the shelves, and Thursday is for Thanksgiving, you might as well use the Wednesday before to go out.  Let's just call it 'Black Out Wednesday.'  People are just looking to get weird and grab something besides a turkey leg.

After you drink a good bit of 'Happy Water' you always do some kind of crazy s**t (Or maybe you couldn't do it if you were sober at least.)  Obviously there is the normal barfing, maybe someone dancing topless on the bar,  or the occasional streaking in the streets.  But how do you know when the REAL party starts?

It has to be when the girls start grabbing each other's breasts.  9 times out of 10 when you see a picture of a girls night out, somebody is grabbing someone........some where. We don't exactly know if  you are trying to tease someone or make the ex-boyfriend jealous, but still 2 thumbs up!  If you have NEVER seen this, get on the ball and start chuggin', funneling, and taking shots ASAP (21 and older of course.)

We would put the link up, but even though there is NO nudity there are some graphic gestures.  We will just let you use your imagination, you have PROBABLY seen this going out before.