As the sun goes down and the storm moves in, Acadiana is bracing for what Hurricane Isaac has to offer to our area. Technology is great, and even when power goes out, we have our nifty cell phones - so share your Isaac experience with us through Instagram using the hashtag #AcadianaIsaac

  • If you're chillin' solo, or hanging with friends/family while you ride out the storm, post it!
  • If it's weather outside of your house moving in, post it! (safely)
  • If you see something funny, related to Hurricane Isaac, post it!
  • If it's that stack of water, pile of snacks or massive collection of adult beverages, post it!
  • Anything related to what you are doing to ride out Hurricane Isaac, post it!

Use the hashtag #AcadianaIsaac and your photo will automatically appear in the live rotating gallery below. Don't forget, you can also listen to us via your smartphone with our RadioPup app. Make sure you have it now and stay up to date with the latest Isaac info!

Be safe, be prepared and stay tuned to Hot 107.9 for updates.