We get hundreds of phone calls, emails and Facebook/Twitter requests per day from you requesting your favorite songs. Sometimes you ask us to stop playing a song because it's driving you crazy every time you hear it! LOL, we totally understand where you are coming from which is why we have come up with the Music Advisory Panel.

Not only can you tell us which songs you want to hear more frequently on Hot 107.9, but you can also tell us what songs you really loved at one point, but are now burnt out on hearing. It also doesn't have to be a love/hate relationship, so we also have a way for you to tell us if we are playing a song "just enough" times to make you happy.

For 8 years and counting, YOU have made us THE Hottest Radio Station In Acadiana, playing Acadiana's Hottest Music, so we want to hear what YOU think when it comes to what we play, and how often we should play it. All you have to do is sit back and listen to music, we'll do all the work! Thanks in advance for taking a few short minutes & clicks to become a member of our Music Advisory Panel.