Hot 107-9 and Meche's Donut King in Broussard teamed-up on Tuesday morning and delivered donuts to UL students waiting for the bus at Cajun Field. We showed up at Cajun Field at 8am with 10-dozen donuts and served donuts to those students waiting for their ride to campus. This was just one of the many ways we wanted to say WELCOME BACK to all of the UL students attending the current fall semester. Students graciously accepted our treats and we hope that we were able to curb a few appetites in the process. Candice and Brad Striker, who were there serving the donuts, say that students scooped up the treats within the first 20-minutes of Hot 107-9 arriving.


We hope that all of the students that were able to get their hands on the treats enjoyed them, and we would really like to thank Meches' in Broussard for all of their help. Without their generosity we would not have been able to pull this off at Cajun Field!!! We hope you all enjoyed the treats!!!