We've been so busy during the first month of the Hot 107 Days of Summer that we've barely had time to edit the video from the party that kicked it all off! This was an epic day that turned into night, with the Ying Yang Twins rocking a crowd of THOUSANDS (video above) on the Cox Grandstand at the 2013 Cajun Heartland State Fair. Once the sun went down, Ampersand's NeonGLOW Paint Party was insane (video below), as everyone got BLASTED with neon paint, cooled down with the laser guided ice cannon, and danced all night long!

Thanks again for making this the biggest night at the fair by fair, and the biggest party of the year! Now we've gotta come up with a way to throw an END of summer party that's even bigger than this! In the meantime, enjoy the videos, courtesy of IJ Newman, our official Hot 107-9 videographer.

Chances are, you'll probably see someone you know!