For the second year in a row on Valentine's Day, HOT 107.9 - along with our friends from Les Amis Flowerland, Spa Mizan, & Atlantic Records - delivered roses to three deserving women in Acadiana. For weeks, we invited you to nominate women from Acadiana that would not be getting roses this year for Valentine's Day. We, along with our great sponsors, wanted to deliver a 'Simply Amazing' Valentine's Day to each of the recipients because of the circumstances they may be going through. They each received a dozen roses from Les Amis Flowerland, a spa treatment from Spa Mizan, and a free digital download of the new Trey Songz single, 'Simply Amazing.'

Winner #1 - Tracy Doshier

The first winner of our 'Simply Amazing' Valentine giveaway was for Tracy Doshier. We received an e-mail from Tracy's friend, Ali, informing us of the tragedy in Tracy's life. Tracy's husband collapsed one day while bringing their kids to school, and he never returned from this tragic event. Tracy has four kids of her own, and her husband has two kids from a previous marriage. Since his passing, Tracy cares for all the kids and even still finds time to take in other kids. Tracy is such a strong woman, but we could not allow her to go without on Valentine's Day.

Winner #2 - Staci Sewall

Another nominee that caught our attention was for Staci Sewall. Staci's friend, Jennifer, nominated her for our giveaway and her story was also surrounded by tragedy. Staci lost her husband last December due to a hunting accident in Arkansas, and this was Staci's first Valentine's Day without her husband. Staci & her husband have kids and we wanted her to know that on her first Valentine's Day without her husband, we were thinking of her!!

Winner #3 - Bonnie Riggenbach

Last but definitely not least, many of you nominated Ms. Bonnie Riggenbach for one of our three giveaways, and she was a nominee we simply could not look over. Her husband was the police officer who was killed in Cheraton while responding to a house fire. He was gunned down upon arrival, and he never returned home. Knowing of this story, we knew from day one that we would have to drive down to St. Mary parish and deliver roses to Ms. Riggenbach. Unfortunately, Ms. Riggenbach was not at home we we arrived, but we were able to deliver her 'Simply Amazing' Valentine to her son. We were able to speak to her via a cellphone and she was very appreciative of all the nominations we received for her.

We want to thank all of you who took the time to write into us with your stories, and we wish we could have responded to all of these deserving women. Also, thanks to our wonderful sponsors once again this year. Had it not been for Les Amis Flowerland on Johnston St., Spa Mizan, and Atlantic Records we would not have been able to deliver such a 'Simply Amazing' Valentine's Day to Staci, Tracy, and Ms. Bonnie.