If you're anything like me (probably not, but just for the sake of argument) you love Facebook. They always have what your friends/acquaintances/people you met once are up to on the wall, but sometimes, the Timeline doesn't work like a timeline should.

Facebook loves to let you know more about what people you interact with do, as opposed to those you don't like or comment on much. This 'Top Stories' sometimes puts content that's older on top of your timeline, which is nice, but what about the fresh new stories? Facebook makes it more difficult to sort by Most Recent with every change in their layout, but with this link found in a Facebook forum, you can sort your Facebook by most recent every time you click it:


Yes, it's not a pretty link, but it works very well.

If you're someone that wants their Facebook loaded first with the freshest content, save that link and you'll be all set.