I've heard of 'Snakes On A Plane', but for the first time ever, thanks to YouTube, I have officially experienced 'Snakes On A Car.' A slithering frenzy driving at 65mph is what the Rachel Fisher and her Memphis family captured when they noticed "something moving on the windshield."

Rachel is a mother of three, but may be adding "Driver-of-the-Year" to her resume after keeping her cool at 65mph when she was surprised by a nice-sized snake emerging from the engine bay. Thankfully snakes can't bite through metal and glass, but if you want to get an idea of how scary this is, think about the last time you had to calm down your kids or family members when they spotted a spider or a wasp in the car.

In the video below you can hear the kids shrieking in the background while their dad Tony rolled tape and voiced his discern:

"This kinda scares me, for real ... I don't know how we're going to deal with this! I want this thing to fall off!"

Eventually, after biting the air, the snake (who was probably just as terrified and confused as the Fisher family) took a dive from the vehicle and I'm assuming the footage we see in this video was more than likely the last moments of this snake's life.

The video has garnered much criticism of the Fisher family, from people saying that Rachel could have just pulled over to others who weren't so nice with their opinion:

You people are complete morons. This snake was a normal sized rat snake, non-poisonous and beneficial in keeping the rodent population down. And you say things like "Get it" and "Kill it", hoping it gets crushed by another car. You are complete idiots. "Water Moccasin"??? You sir are a blithering fool. You just made complete jackasses of yourselves on YouTube.

I can't honestly say I know what I would do in a similar situation. Wipers? Pull over? What if it went back in the vents and came through the dash?

What would you do if a snake appeared on your windshield at 70mph on I-10 ??

Check out the vid and tell us in the comments below!