Everyday brings new surprises and with new surprises brings new stories . Oh boy do we have a good one for you . Ive heard of women that catch their husbands cheating do some crazy things ,everything from slice tires to slicing off his,,,,, well you have all heard the story . This one takes the gold medal home and scores a 10 on the WTF scale.

So imagine coming home to your Husband and finding him in bed with some one else . Very upsetting. What would you do . Most women would scream and slap and yell at them to get out of the house NOW!! Well this lady has a whole different approach to catching a cheating Husband.

This is how the story goes. She came home early only to find her husband in their bed with another woman. She grabs the nearest thing to her and it just so happens to be a double barrel shotgun. Points it at the cheating husband ,but he manages to wrestle it away from her.

Then she does the unthinkable . She pulls down her paints and urinated on the carpet. I guess to mark her territory . Then with out a second thought takes a big ole hot steaming dump right there on the floor.. when the officer asked her WHY DID YOU DUMP ON THE FLOOR she reportedly told police,

"I found him in bed with a naked chick, what was I [supposed] to do?"

ummmmmm lets see, don't take a dump on your own floor .. You know who has to clean it up ...RIGHT?

So I guess she really is his #2 girl.. rim shot!