Once you watch this video of Ice JJ Fish - 'On the floor,' you'll beg Rebecca Black to make another YouTube video again. You might even say Rebecca Black can sing like an Angel compared to this guy. I thought it was a joke, but Ice JJ is the real deal, at least he thinks he is.

I heard they use this video to torture terrorists in foreign countries. I'm just joking, but it's an idea. His name is Ice JJ Fish he's from Chicago, and this has to be a joke. No one in their right mind would think this was good. So I'm going to call this a hoax.


With that said, it's a very funny video. I'm pretty sure he made up most of the lyrics, in his own made up language. I also have to give it to him. He promoted him self to over 800,000 YouTube hits and counting.That's impressive.

So, it might be a hoax but not a fail! This goes to prove, if you have a niche, good or bad, you too can become a YouTube star. : )