The first thing that comes to mind is... whee! This is a kid's dream and most adults want to play on it too. A quick and removable indoor slide!

As soon as you see the picks from Quirky.com you immediately want the SlideRider! Who wouldn't want this in their home? Remember the old days of pillow cases and kindergarten mats down the stairs? Sometimes it's the simplest inventions that get people's attention. This would be one of those inventions.

The inventor of the SlideRider is Trisha Cleveland from Minneapolis, Minnesota, she submitted her idea to Quirky.com, a website that helps bring inventions to the retail store, and is now waiting to see if it will be picked up!

Honestly, she'll have no problem selling the SlideRider.

Ms. Cleveland said the reason why she made this because it is perfect for rainy days and can also be used outside on hills or in the south on levees.


The slide rider is so easy and so convenient, it even folds up into a little compact unit to be put away in a closet.

So, are you sold yet? Yeah, me too! The only thing, there is no price on it yet. Once it does get approved for production, according to Quirky.com, it will sell between $45 and $95.

We'll just have to wait and see! We can't wait till we can get our adult hands on it, never mind the kids. LOL!!  This is by far one of the coolest inventions of the year! For all the info on how you can purchase the SlideRider go to Quirky.com