This photo of an injured soldier, Army Ranger Josh Hargis, has been going on around Facebook as of late and it has been inspiring millions of people in recent weeks. The photo, as seen above, shows the young man saluting his commander while he receives his prestigious "Purple Heart" pin.

Many surrounding Hargis during the ceremony thought that he was unconscious at the time, but as soon as he received his pin, he lifted his right arm in an attempt to salute his superior. Hargis was seriously injured by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan on October 6th.

The young man was surrounded by nearly 50 people when he received his Purple Heart, and when he attempted to salute his superior a doctor attempted to restrain Hargis from moving, but to no avail.

A photo was taken the moment the solider saluted his commander and it was sent to his wife Taylor. In the letter sent to Taylor, the commander wrote, "the single greatest event I have witnessed in my ten years in the Army."

With so much going around the internet these days, I must admit this is one of the most inspiring photos/stories I have seen in a long time. While he may be saluting his commander while in a hospital bed, we are all saluting him for his commitment and service to our country.