Several carjackings committed by the same guy, all caught on HD footage like you've never seen before. This is just wild!

The suspect's name is Ryan Stone, and he had the city of Denver on its heels when he led police on a wild multiple car jacking chase. One of the cars had a four-year-old boy inside.

The chase started at a gas station while the mother of a small child was paying for gas inside. He took off in her car, ramming into anything and everything along the way.

His next victim was a lady driving a minivan. He threw the driver out of the car and then headed down the wrong way on the interstate, where he rammed into the third car.

He then carjacked his third and last victim. He crashed into traffic, and fled on foot where he was finally arrested by police officers.

As I'm watching this, all I can keep saying is this is like a real life GTA (Grand Theft Auto), this guy has played one too many video games.

If you take anything away from this footage, please lock your doors and just beware of your surroundings, and your car isn't worth your life.