The Big Game is only  three weeks away . Is New Orleans ready? Relax, Their almost ready.. lol.  NOLA isn't called "The Big Easy" for nothing . Just ignore the backhoes around town and the maze of orange cones, traffic barrels and the street construction going on at the foot of the Dome. Its just there to confuse you , so you can head to Bourbon St. and spend money on a Hurricane .  Back to the question at hand is NOLA ready for the Big Game ? reports all involved have assured me that the city's plans are right on schedule. Everything will be finished on time: The rental car center at the airport; the Loyola street car line; the festival grounds at Woldenberg Park; the taxi cab upgrades. (Although, I believe I'll see Bigfoot before I see a New Orleans cab equipped with working GPS and credit-card machines.)

Oh, they might be sweeping the sawdust from under the feet of the first Super Bowl visitors as they arrive at Louis Armstrong International but it will get done. It will happen because there is no other option.

Deadlines spur action. New Orleans is not unique to this phenomenon. The new collective bargaining agreement in the NFL wasn't signed until it absolutely had to be. The Drew Brees contract renegotiation didn't get finalized until the last minute. That's bigger then any ole super bowl ...RIGHT?  Who Dat !

Since Hurricane Katrina NOLA has  hosted the NBA All-Star Game, two BCS national championship games and the men's NCAA Final Four. NOLA is a smashing successes. NOLA's reputation as a big-event town is universal. It's what they do. Their isn't city in America that puts on major sporting events better than New Orleans. #fact

To sum it up :

New Orleans  might not be ready today. And  might not be ready tomorrow. But come Super Bowl week, the Big Easy will shine in all of its resplendent glory. Just like they  always do. - Jeff Duncan