If you hate planking, you're REALLY gonna hate this. Less than 15 hours ago, 'Owling' was born and the sensation is already spreading like wildfire. We even have a few people in our building who are on the forefront of this "next big thing." Will Owling kill Planking? Or can they both live in social harmony?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, here are a few things to know about Owling:

Owling, for those not in the know (until NBC reports on it later tonight), was just created by Reddit members yesterday and is a spin-off of the planking craze. In order to "owl" correctly, one must perch on one's haunches while staring off into space, taking the position of that nocturnal bird.

[via Salon]

A few more tid-bits that might make you sound like an Owling genius:

1. This is the Original Owling Post (less than 15 hours old)

2. Owling is basically the same as squatting, but sounds way cooler.

3. If anyone asks, these guys started it.

4. Owling hasn't killed planking .... yet.

**If you want to join in this Owling craze while it's still in it's infant stage, send your Owling Pics to digital@1079ishot.com