You ever get the feeling somebody is paying more attention to you then they are letting on? Chances are, it's true.

The other night, I ran into a girl who I've known for a long time, though I've never actually met her before. In fact, despite the familiar way my friends and I spoke about her, we knew almost nothing about her. Not even her name. To us, she was always simply "blonde girl"; a girl that always seemed to pop up everywhere we were that had, you guessed it, blonde hair.

It's funny how we do that isn't it? Create nick names and back stories for people we see on a regular basis, but never actually meet. We discuss their clothes, their mannerisms, practically everything about them, without knowing them at all. Over the years, my friends and I have had many of these acquaintances. There was "Flower Girl", "Fall Out Boy", "Thumbs Up Girl", "Hot Chick", "Mr. Swedish Man", and many others. They've all played a small part in our daily lives without ever knowing anyone was actually paying attention.

When I finally met "blonde girl", I certainly didn't tell her any of this stuff, but I was reminded of a an interesting quote I had recently come across, "we are all living the greatest story ever told".

Though we sometimes may get caught up in our own daily stresses and obligations, it is important for us to remember that we are not the only people in the world. Though we'll never know most of the people we see every day, each individual we come across has their own set of stresses, obligations, successes and failures. Each person is living their own "greatest story ever told".

If we all made this revelation, we'd come to find a new level of peace with those strangers around us. It would allow us a little more patience when someone cuts us off in traffic, or bumps into us on the street. If we took a minute to think about what that stranger may have been through, or what they've had to deal with that day, we might be more inclined to cut them a break.

The world is an incredible place filled with millions of interesting yet entirely anonymous people. We may only ever get the chance to meet a handful of the great many people we cross paths with in our lifetime, but we are still all in this together. We are still all people. We still all have problems, ambitions, and insecurities.

So the next time a complete stranger is rude to you, try to put yourself in their shoes, show a little patience, and put something positive back into the world. And remember, when you're feeling small or insignificant, just think, you may be a big part of someone else's story, whether you'll ever know it or not.

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