In my short time on this planet, I have come to realize that there are only two types of girls - good girls, and bad girls. Now, bad girls aren't always necessarily 'bad' for you, but they definitely aren't 'wifey material.' And fellas, before you think you can 'tame' any 'bad girl' to your standards, ask any female - it ain't happening. Actually, most guys NEVER realize they're with a 'bad girl' until it's too late.

So, how do you know if your girl is a 'good girl' or not? My favorite magazine (Complex) offered up 5 really good ways to tell if the girl you are with is alter-worthy or not. These were put together by Tabatha McGurr; a Brooklyn bred-writer who gives Complex readers insight into what today's young women really think about love, sex, and relationships in a weekly column called 'The Harsh Truth.'

Hopefully your boo is wifey material, but if she isn't ... don't shoot me. I'm just the messenger. :)

5 Signs That Your Girl Is NOT Wifey Material



I know that in this age of technology everyone is glued to their phone 24/7, but doing that sh*t excessively in the company of others is not only rude, but shows a serious lack of respect for the people you’re with, especially your significant other. It’s one thing to text friends and update your status on occasion, but engaging in multiple conversations and giggling away while your man’s right there is understandably frustrating. It doesn’t stop there, though. Some of these “wifeys” still hold onto their single status in the digital world, posting suggestive photos and sending sketchy DMs on the daily. Ultimately, it’s a matter of them needing constant attention from different people, and that’s not the type of broad who will keep it 100% with you.


Many men get involved with girls who are really into partying but know how to calm down once they’re settled into a steady relationship. Then there are chicks who don’t give a f**k and go out every night regardless, and usually without the boyfriend in tow. Maybe you’re some super confident guy who trusts your girl no matter what, and that’s great, but you’ve gotta wake up and smell the Patron. Clubs and bars are meeting places for flirtation and hooking up, so if her nighttime excursions are a regular thing, then it might be cause for concern. That's not to say that it’s a crime to go out and have fun, but if she’s always choosing to go out in her skimpiest outfits rather than chill with you, something’s not working.


There’s no problem with being a hustler and chasing that paper, but a money hungry girl is no good in the wifey equation. A female can desire nice things and even request them of you if she feels like it, however, the moment she catches an attitude if you don’t get it for her is the moment you should check her ass. If she’s making you broke and busting your balls over cash in the early stages of the relationship, it’s bound to get worse later. The minute your bank account dries up, she’ll be onto the next one. Sh*t, chances are she might already have Sugar Daddies hooking her up that you don't even know about. Diamonds and furs don’t just appear out of thin air.


I know that some moronic guys out there don’t give a sh*t about a female's personality as long as she’s banging, but that type of arrangement only lasts for a few months before it gets tired. If she can’t talk with you about common bonds or challenge your mind, you will get bored. Even if the sex is off the hook, a couple without communication just isn’t built to last. Eventually, that lustful honeymoon period is over and all you’ll have left is a head full of thoughts and no one to talk to. It’s the same reason why those mail-order marriages never work out.


If any or all of the above applies to your lady, homegirl only cares about herself. It’s not always their fault, but certain women just aren’t wired for monogamous relationships. For some, it’s daddy issues, for others it’s a matter of having been hurt in the past, and then some are simply free spirits, suffocated by the normalcy of standard relationships. Whatever the reason, there’s no sense in staying with a female if you can tell that she doesn’t give a f**k about you, unless you’re a masochist. Take the L and realize that there's no room for you in the picture.

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