Just when you thought it was just the younger guys that clear the benches at a baseball game. It was Old-Timers Night at Dodger Stadium lastnight, instead of taking swings at pitches and running the bases, they were taking swings at each other. Old-timers know how to get down to.

According to FOX SPORTS it started when the Dodgers' rookie, Yasiel Puig, was hit in the face by a pitch, which led to the Dodgers and pitcher Zack Greinke to retaliate in the seventh by hitting Miguel Montero. But when Ian Kennedy sent one toward Greinke's head in the seventh. All hell broke loose in Dodger Stadium. As both benches cleared and the punches started flying.

It was an old-timer all out brawl. Watch these old-timers fight like it was 1969  all over again.