The 71st annual Golden Globes took place earlier tonight, and if you didn't actually watch the show and only let the internet tell it, you would swear that Jennifer Lawrence was the only celebrity that showed up. By the way, #Lawrencing is now a "thing," and from people to cats, everyone is in on the meme-tastic fun.

Most people expected Lawrence to show up in Dior, being that she is the face of the brand, but her dress definitely got mixed reviews.

And by mixed reviews, I mean the internet totally made fun of her all night long.

Almost instantly, social media users from Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc. pointed out how easily you could get Jennifer's 2014 Golden Globes look with just a few common items that are readily found around the average household.

Pretty soon everyone was decked out in the "Electrical Tape White Comforter Fashion" and posting pics of their homeade creations with the hashtag #Lawrencing.


But it didn't stop there. Lawrence made headlines early on for photobombing Taylor Swift, in a pic that Ryan Seacrest called "The single most important photo from the #GoldenGlobes red carpet"

That incident, combined with the dress, gave us one of the funnier #Lawrencing memes from the Instagram page of Arrow star Colton Haynes.

Even pets were getting in on the fun. That's when we knew #Lawrencing had officially gone into orbit.


If you still haven't gotten enough of #Lawrencing, our friends over at Buzzfeed put together a list of the 13 Things Jennifer Lawrence At The Golden Globes Looked Like and it's pretty damn funny. (and accurate!)

Or just find a comforter and a roll of duct tape, and have a ball.

Shout out to the guy who tried to make #Lawrencing a thing in early 2013 though.