Nobody wants a bad tan line and now that Jwoww has been surgically 'enhanced' she is definitly showing it off!!!

If you have it, I say flaunt it.  Jenni Farley, also known as "Jwoww" from MTV's reality show Jersey Shore finally came out with her very own bikini line.  I guess she has to compete with Snooki now that she slimmed out. Not only are the new bikinis sexy and stunning, but they also fight off those creepy looking tan lines that NO ONE wants during the summer.  This special line of bikinis gives women the option to remove the straps without losing their tops.  Apparently the tops have been made with a special adhesive that is activated by body temperatures.  Something tells me that when this was made, somebody wasn't JUST thinking about the sun...... Normally bikinis sell of the shelves for women in the  summer now matter what, but Jwoww is giving the extra push by modeling her swimsuit line herself. That's what I call good marketing!  After taking a look at some of these pictures found on, I think some of the guys will be lining up to buy these for their own girlfriends.



The line is said to be available in stores sometime around the Spring of 2012. Are you going to buy one of these? Check out the rest of the photos right HERE.