Well the cast of Jersey Shore is back and with a couple of new surprises.  The new big man on campus 'The Unit' made his debut performance, but took his advantage to rip on Snooki as soon as he could.

After the camera's caught him on the L.A. streets with porn star Amia Miley, Johnny, a.k.a. 'The Unit,' took advantage of his new found fame.  I guess there no better way to express oneself than to rip on Snooki, I mean I would!  Everybody has there differences, but we think there is a little bit more under the radar between these two,

The thing with me and Snooki ... she can't seem to take my name out of her mouth ... but that's Snooki for you, she's always got something in her mouth."

After this past episode its probably just going to get better.  I look at Jersey Shore like I look at something ugly............you may not want to look, but at the same time you JUST HAVE TO!!!