Well who knew that Joan Rivers had a TV show on the WE Channel (who cares), but after this past episode I wish I would have known about it.  Apparently Joan was SO stressed out over meeting her daughter's new boyfriend, she needed a little something to 'relax' herself.  Nope it wasn't a cigarette, she went to the heavy side...........break out the pipe because Joan is SMOKING!!!

Yea you heard me, Joan Rivers found her a medical marijuana doctor and got her some swag.  Don't worry she didn't smoke it herself, Joan picked up a friend to 'pass the dutch.'  After Joan and her friend Lynne got their stash, they parked the car and lit a big one (talk about rolling your own.) According to What Would Tyler Durden Do, Joan and Lynne had a pretty 'fun' conversation,

The pair get the giggles, with Joan exclaiming: ‘I’m starving, I want to eat right now, lets go.’
But Lynne, who is in the driver’s seat, is clearly in no state to be behind the wheel, saying: ‘I cant tell if I’m moving.’
Joan says: ‘I don’t think you should drive… I’m going to call Melissa.’
Her daughter arrives and is furious at the pair, saying: ‘Oh my god, we have to go right now come on, we’re going home… I’m ashamed of both you.’

Granted the first thought that came into my mind was not that marijuana is illegal, but why didn't THEY get caught?  Sure she got it from a medical doctor who was licensed to prescribe it, but I don't think she was diagnosed with an illness to have it.  I swear, sometimes I think celebrities can get away with just about anything now a days.