For every female who has ever stuffed things into her bra while clubbing or participating in any other activities; now is the time to kick yourself. Even though using a bra for safekeeping on the dance floor and beyond seems to be something every woman has done at one point or another (my great-grandmother was notorious for keeping EVERYTHING in her brazier), the concept has never been patented - until now.

A pair of college students have designed and patented a push-up bra that they call the JoeyBra. According to the YouTube video, the bra comes with under-arm pockets for your valuables like keys, credit cards, IDs and smartphones. What makes the JoeyBra incredible, is that it's designed to hide your things in a way that won't even show through a dress.

JoeyBra - The First Sexy, Pocketed Bra


So why hasn't anyone ever thought of patenting this before? Chances are they either thought it was already patented, or just didn't see it's profitable potential. Two junior business majors by the names of Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow on the other hand, saw dollar signs when they noticed a lot of posts on their Facebook pages from girls asking for phone numbers after losing or breaking their cellphones after a night of clubbing and dancing.

At that point, Mariah and Kyle went to Kickstarter to crowd-fund their concept, and so far the JoeyBra has received over $10,000 in pledges, which is 258% of their $4,000 goal, with around a week remaining for more backers to get on board.

The bra, which comes in a stylish leopard print, is expected to retail for $19.99 and can be worn as either a strapless or convertible bra. Just think ladies, your million dollar idea has been right under your nose all this time - literally.

Ladies, do you ever use your bra to hold your valuables? Would you buy a JoeyBra? Do you have any other million dollar ideas when it comes to fashion or hiding your valuables?

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