Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's 'Daily Show', responded to the recent Fox News criticism of rapper Common. Fox News was outraged at Common, known to many as 'conscious rapper', being invited to perform at the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama announced that Common would be featured at a poetry event sending many conservative pundits into an disarray, claiming that Common was far too offensive and highly inappropriate to be featured at an arts education event that celebrated American poetry.

Stewart, who pointed out that ridiculing Fox News has now become "too easy", took jabs at their coverage pointing out that Fox New's description of Common's lyrics as "misogynist" & "violent" were both hypocritical & irrational, adding that they were selective with the lyrics they chose to highlight on the broadcast, leaving out the parts that show that Common's entire message was actually a call for peace.

This two-time Grammy-winning, vegetarian's invitation to the White House has the twit-i-verse very upset, Stewart said. I don't mean people on Twitter, I mean twits.

Are we really doing this again? For this guy, Common? The guy from the Gap ads? The guy from the Queen Latifah rom-coms? Elmo's friend?

This was the point where Stewart went to work cleverly using actual clips from Fox News to display their utter hypocrisy in numerous forms, from clips of having a pleasant interview with Common, to clips of popular Fox News anchor Sean Hannity contradicting himself almost word for word. Jon Stewart even does a little "rapping" of his own.

Check the entire video below and tell us who you think is winning here, Fox News or Jon Stewart ?

Part 1

Part 2