For just over a month now, we here at Hot 107-9 have been telling you about our Thursday Night Monster Night at Outlaws. Through the weeks we have showed you crowd shots of the club and dance floor, but now we have more proof that Hot 107-9 and Outlaws throws a MONSTER Size party. Here are our new Monster Cups all drinks come-in on a Thursday Night.Here we have a large size bottle of Windex versus our new Monster Cups. While the Windex bottle may still exceed our cups in height, its not by much!!! Look at the size of these cups, and imagine your drink going into one of these new souvenir cups on a Thursday Night!!

Drink out of them, collect them, and show them off. Get your Collector's Monster Cup every Thursday Night at Outlaws, located on Johnston St., as the "Hot Crew" invades. Plus, ladies you get in FREE till 11pm, and we give you a $500 balloon drop every Thursday Night after midnight!!!

In conclusion, you now see what you have been missing if you haven't been to Outlaws on Thursday Night, and if you have been to Outlaws....Lets just say this, the night at Outlaws has just gotten a little bit bigger, and much more HOTTER!!!