TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber is being investigated by LAPD for an alleged attempted robbery. Reports indicate that the Bieber and his entourage got into an altercation with another group of people at a miniature golf complex and when a woman attempted to take a photo of the altercation, Bieber allegedly went for her phone.

The scuffle allegedly happened at Sherman Oaks Castle Park and when a woman noticed that Bieber was involved in the incident, she went to snap photos with her cell phone. Well, when Bieber noticed that the woman was ATTEMPTING to take pictures of the incident with her phone, he allegedly demanded that she hand her phone over to him so that he could erase them.

When the woman refused to hand her phone over to the singer, she says that is when Bieber went for her phone in her purse. The woman involved in the altercation says Bieber was able to take her phone from her possession, but was unable to get into her phone because of a security code.

When Bieber demanded that she unlock her phone and show him the pictures she took, she obliged and proved to the singer that she actually had no photos of the alleged altercation.

The woman says all that she wanted to do was tell Bieber hello because her 13-year-old daughter, who was with her at the time, is a huge Justin Bieber fan. The mother of the teenager says that Bieber started to scream at her and even suggested that she was humiliating herself in front of her daughter.

TMZ reports that LAPD made a visit to the woman's house on Tuesday night to take a complaint from the woman and they will now determine if any further investigation is warranted.

See photos of Bieber at the complex by visiting TMZ