Justin Bieber continues to flex his maturity through music and this time around, Lil Wayne got the remix treatment. Bieber has released his rendition of Wayne's ballad 'How To Love', and according to Scooter Braun (Bieber's manager) not only did he handle vocals, he also played the guitar and did all percussion on the track as well.

Does this mean Bieber is all grown up? Not quite, but he's getting there. From taking his girlfriend Selena Gomez on romantic dates in an empty Staples Center arena to giving a similar remix treatment to Drake's 'Trust Issues', Justin seems to be getting his "grown man" on. Love him or hate him, the kid has skills and he shows those skills on this track. Before you laugh it off, give it a listen... and before you say that this song is "soft" ... just remember .. the original is by Lil Wayne ;)

Justin Bieber - 'How To Love' (Cover)