Just when you thought you couldn't possibly dislike Justin Bieber any more than you already do, this video surfaces. TMZ has posted a video which shows Justin Bieber pissing in a restaurant MOP BUCKET!!!

The clip was allegedly shot a year ago, and it clearly shows Bieber unzipping his pants and whizzing in a restaurant mop bucket as he and his crew were exiting a NYC Nightclub. Apparently they chose to exit the club through a kitchen, because we all know Bieber can't exit any venue through the front door, and that's when Bieber spotted the yellow mop bucket in the kitchen and did his business.

While he and his crew apparently find it entertaining to do such a thing, I can't help but think of the person who had to clean his mess up. Watch how immature Bieber and his entourage are as they exit the building. Oh by the way, do you think he and his crew had a few to drink that night or what? Listen to the language they use in this clip, and watch what Bieber does to a photo of President Bill Clinton!!! So Disrespectful!!