Justin Bieber continues to grow up right before our eyes with his latest fiasco. This time around we see the Biebs getting a handful of a fan's breast during a Miami meet & greet. The girl doesn't look too upset with the grope fest that Bieber is having with her chest, but is this a case of Justin "trying too hard," or just being plain disrespectful?

Let's see - in the last few weeks we have seen Justin Bieber:

Being that this photo is on his official website (where fans obtain their meet & greet photos) we have to assume this photo isn't doctored up. One could say this is pretty normal behavior for an immature 18-year-old, but it's safe to say the Biebs is held to different standards than your average teenager.

Based on this other photo of Bieber with the same female fan he got grabby with, she may have been the instigator for all we know.


To make matters worse, he bailed on his fans at an event in Miami and was three hours late hitting the stage at his concert. According to his team, Bieber was "sick" - but that excuse didn't stick after he was spotted riding his bike around the venue.

WWBDN? (What will Bieber do next?)

Stay tuned to find out.