Did Justin Bieber beat up his neighbor? According to TMZ, the 'Right Here' singer has been accused of battery by a neighbor after allegedly engaging in an intense verbal argument that turned physical just after 9 a.m. this morning. The neighbor also claims Bieber threatened him.

According to TMZ,

the neighbor came on to Justin's property and began screaming that while Justin was away (overseas)  there were people at the house having loud parties.

Apparently the neighbors story isn't stacking up because sources say Justin told the dude to scram, and security even had to escort the neighbor off the property after he forced his way into Bieber's crib.

UPDATE: Now, another neighbor is saying that the argument between Biebs and the original accuser wasn't over partying while JB was out of town. Instead, it was over a Ferrari that Justin had delivered on a flatbed trailer last night, and raced up and down the streets all morning. Other neighborhood sources are saying the accusing neighbor was extremely furious about the deafening noise and the fact that Justin was "endangering the community" by ripping up and down the streets at "breakneck speeds."

L.A. County Sheriff spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ that they are looking into the matter.

(story developing...)

Could you imagine being the dude who got his butt whipped by Justin Bieber?